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San Diego LGBT Community Center, Chief Executive Officer


The San Diego Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center, Inc., (d.b.a., The Center) is one of the oldest and largest LGBT community centers in the nation.  Functioning as the San Diego LGBT community’s anchor organization since 1972, The Center is led by a 13-member board of directors, employs over 55 paid staff and utilizes more than 1,200 community volunteers to achieve its twin goals of promoting LGBT health and human rights.  The Center provides direct services to the many different facets of the LGBT community, including men, women, youth, seniors, families, LGBT Latino community members and their families, Trans community members and their families, as well as those living with HIV. Last year, The Center provided more than 73,000 direct service visits to San Diego community members, and through its events, activities and advocacy, touched the lives of thousands more.

In support of its social justice goals, in 2008, The Center established The Center Advocacy Project, a nonpartisan 501(c)4 whose mission is to secure equal civil and human rights for the LGBT and allied communities through public education and issue advocacy. The Center Advocacy Project is led by a four-member board of directors.

The Center serves the greater San Diego County lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and their families, and those living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.  The bulk of San Diego’s vibrant LGBT community lives in the City of San Diego urban core, while approximately 35% reside outside the City in eastern, northern and southern San Diego County. The Center’s programs and services are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of LGBT community members from all backgrounds and ages.  In fact, The San Diego LGBT community itself and the Center’s client population are incredibly and interestingly diverse. As a majority-minority region, San Diego is comprised of one of the nation’s largest immigrant and refugee populations, one of California’s largest Latino populations, and located upon the largest land-border crossing in the nation. The LGBT community includes individuals, couples and families who are also Latino, Black, African-American, Pan-Asian, Native American, mixed race and white; immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers and naturalized and US born citizens; individuals who are documented, undocumented and under-documented; seniors, adults, youth, children and families; and those living with HIV. Fifty-percent of clients are people of color and 70% are very low or extremely low-income (below 250% of the federal poverty level).

Founded in 1972 by a group of visionary community leaders, the San Diego LGBT Community Center is dedicated to honoring the tremendous community diversity and struggling towards full inclusion, to building community and to the formation of strategic coalitions. As a community-based health, human services and advocacy organization with a 45-year history of success, finding new and innovative strategies for improving the health and wellness of all in the San Diego LGBT community is its central mission. The Center is often recognized locally and statewide for its dedication to professional and compassionate programs and service; and its programs and services include: mental health services; case management; HIV and HCV testing; an innovative HIV testing and PrEP campaign entitled #BeTheGeneration; an off-site LGBTQ youth center; a supportive housing program for homeless LGBT and HIV+ youth; a dedicated and expanding program for those aged 50 and better, including the provision of on-site services at a new LGBTQ senior housing site; an active voter and civic engagement program; an active Public Affairs and Outreach department and much more.


Reporting to a 13-person Board of Directors, the San Diego LGBT Community Center’s Chief Executive Officer is responsible for managing an annual budget in excess of $6 million and leading the organization’s 55 staff. The CEO and the Board of Directors partner to annually review and refine the organization’s long and short term strategic goals, build on its foundation of fiscal stability, and to ensure the long term sustainability of the organization.

Primary responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer include: 

Strategy and Vision

  • Engage the Board, staff, and community stakeholders in a process to help define strategic goals for the organization’s short and longer-term strategic plans;
  • Oversee the plan’s implementation, ensuring necessary funds, staff, and infrastructure are available to realize the plan’s goals;
  • Communicate the strategy, its goals, its ongoing progress, and outcomes to the organization’s Board, staff, funders, partners and community stakeholders.

Finance and Financial Management

  • Ensure that the organization has the financial and human resources necessary to achieve the strategic and operational goals;
  • Develop, with the CFO and C-suite team, the annual organizational budget for board review and approval, ensuring the appropriate allocation of resources and managing toward successful and realistic growth outcomes;
  • Bring an informed understanding of government grants and contracts and the appropriate compliance with fiscal and program management functions;
  • Ensure the continued fiscal accounting and controls that meet the standards of excellence and best practices, as well as contract, legal and regulatory compliance;
  • Ensure the continued organizational understanding of and attention to annual independent audit preparation and process (including the A-133 audit) and annual 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 990 tax filings;
  • Oversee and continually strengthen the organizational systems and structures that support and sustain strategic financial and programmatic goals.

Board Partnership and Support

  • Partner with the Board of Directors to develop a new strategic plan based upon staff and community input and ensure continual review of progress toward plan goals;
  • Support the Board of Directors efforts to execute their annual work plan including by-law review, policy and procedure review, execution of the annual independent audit and filing of the annual 990; board recruitment and ongoing training; board leadership succession planning; annual board fundraising goals and strategies; and the annual review/revision of progress toward the organizational strategic goals and metrics;
  • Participate as an active member of the Board’s working committees and in the Board training processes;
  • Engage with the Board of the Center Advocacy Project, The Center’s 501(c)4 affiliate;
  • Serve as a resource to both Boards, providing the expert briefing and training resources necessary to enable them to achieve their full potential as governing bodies.


  • Fully understand the complex funding streams (e.g., foundations, corporate, individual, government, etc.) and rapidly changing trends in the not-for-profit, health and human service, and LGBT sectors;
  • Direct the overall organizational fundraising strategies including assuming direct responsibility for significant institutional and individual donor relationships;
  • Work in partnership with the Board of Directors to identify, solicit and acquire new sources of funding;
  • Understand the constraints and opportunities presented by the different government funding streams;
  • Act as the organization’s primary spokesperson with elected officials, with government agency leaders and with the non-governmental funding communities.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Serve as a Center spokesperson for an intersectional LGBT community and the necessity of an aggressive diversity and inclusion strategy;
  • Bring a robust understanding of diversity including minimally: race, ethnicity, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, disability status, medical status; but also considering factors that include: marital status, parental status, veteran status, etc.;
  • Oversee Center staff, volunteer and board recruitment, hiring, and retention ensuring appropriate demographic representation (matching San Diego data);
  • Ensure Center collaborations and partnerships reflect the above.

Program Oversight

  • Ensure existing and potential new programs advance the San Diego LGBT Community Center’s mission, are financially realistic and sustainable, are adequately staffed, advance the organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, produce meaningful outcomes and adhere to programmatic standards of excellence and best practices;
  • Oversee the organization’s advocacy and outreach efforts, ensuring policy priorities are aligned with the organization’s mission and that strategic collaborations/partners are leveraged. 

Community Engagement

  • Ensure aggressive organizing and community engagement within the LGBT community and the social justice communities;
  • Ensure Center programs and services continue to seek LGBT and social justice community feedback and provide multiple, frequent engagement opportunities in volunteer programs, leadership development programs, programs and program advisory boards, the Community Leadership Council, and other potential engagement/feedback opportunities;
  • Continue to build and develop coalitions and collaborations with other healthcare and social service agencies, as well as other social justice organizations. Continue to develop partnerships and service networks with diverse and traditional youth, senior, family, HIV, and mental health providers.
  • Continue to advance and grow the San Diego LGBT Community Center’s civic engagement and voter education and mobilization project;


  • Serve as the organization’s spokesperson for the public, government funders, the media and other constituents and allies;
  • Oversee the organization’s traditional and social media strategies and plans;
  • Serve as the architect of the organization’s messages
  • Support and promote The Center’s brand and ensure brand consistency.


The Center is seeking a strategic and visionary leader who will leverage the talents of its skilled staff and build on a foundation of fiscal stability to broaden The Center’s reach and increase its impact. The ideal candidate will have program expertise to develop and enhance The Center’s services; fundraising skills to cultivate the resources necessary to maintain and expand The Center’s programs; and political acumen to forge community support, foster partnerships and build coalitions. The successful candidate will have:

  • A strong knowledge base regarding public policy issues and best practices for nonprofits providing services for marginalized, at risk, and HIV+ communities impacted by racial, economic, and LGBT justice issues;
  • Established relationships with public and private funders in the areas of health and human services; including, ideally, relationships with influencers in state and local government, and peer agencies;
  • Knowledge of mental health services, youth and senior services, supportive housing and HIV services;
  • Experience leading staff who are interfacing with and advocating for diverse groups of marginalized, at risk clients;
  • An understanding of the components required to successfully develop and manage evidence-based programs and services;
  • A track record of success cultivating and soliciting public and private funds;
  • Prior experience managing complex nonprofit budgets and P&L’s of $5 million or greater;
  • An understanding of Board governance, organizational development and nonprofit, both (c)3 and (c)4, best practices;
  • A graduate degree in a relevant discipline or comparable experience.


The Center is seeking a skilled communicator and effective public speaker capable of engaging with groups and individuals across broadly diverse political and social spectrums. The new CEO will possess the well-developed active listening skills and high emotional intelligence required to mediate conflict; productively engage with community stakeholders, elected officials, police, and government agencies; and to find solutions to complex problems.

The CEO is the spokesperson and public face of the Center. The successful candidate will be comfortable in a highly visible role and will have the flexibility to attend evening and weekend events and community functions. They will be an adept coalition builder dedicated to serving the needs of a broadly diverse community. The ideal candidate will have:

  • A strategic approach to leadership with an ability to move easily between the environments of donors and foundations and those of grassroots community supporters and partners;
  • A passion for serving marginalized, at risk, and HIV communities impacted by racial, economic, and LGBT justice issues;
  • Knowledge of the history and public policy issues impacting LGBT and HIV-affected communities;
  • Cultural competency on trans, nonbinary, genderqueer and intersex communities including the ability to advocate on issues impacting those across the spectrum;
  • A respect for the local and statewide history of the San Diego LGBT community and the role of the San Diego LGBT Community Center in that history;
  • Strong relationship-building skills including a track record of success in fostering collaboration and strengthening partnerships;
  • An approachable, collaborative and transparent leadership style;
  • An understanding of border/bi-national communities and immigrant populations, and sensitivity to the unique needs of San Diego’s Latinx community;
  • A deep commitment to the core values of intersectionality and demonstrated ability to work effectively with people of diverse races, ethnicities, nationalities, sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expression, socio-economic backgrounds, religions, ages, English-speaking abilities, immigration statuses, and physical abilities;
  • Some fluency in Spanish, bilingual preferred.


Our client is offering a competitive compensation package for this position with a comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental, vision, life and AD&D insurance, as well as flexible spending, supplemental insurance and a 401(k) retirement plan.


For 45 years, the San Diego LGBT Community Center has served as a place of refuge, a site for celebration, mourning and protest, and a provider of essential social services and enrichment programs to a broadly diverse community. The successful candidate will continue The Center’s tradition of meeting the needs of the community’s most marginalized and at-risk members and advocating for racial, social, gender and economic justice for all.

This is an exceptional opportunity for an experienced and entrepreneurial leader to strengthen and grow one of the country’s oldest and largest LBGT community centers. The new CEO will fortify the nexus of a geographically, culturally and socio-economically expansive city. At a critical historical moment, the CEO of the San Diego LGBT Community Center will increase the impact of and shape the future of a vital community resource.


The San Diego LGBT Community Center’s administrative offices are located in the Hillcrest community at 3909 Centre Street San Diego, CA 92103. San Diego location is a requirement of this position.


Please submit a brief cover letter and résumé as attachments via e-mail to:

Joseph McCormack, Managing Partner
Michelle Kristel, Partner
McCormack + Kristel
1775 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite 110-202
Palm Springs, CA 92264
Tel  323.549.9200
Fax 323.549.9222

All inquiries or referrals will be held in strict confidence.

Please note that your education, dates of employment, compensation and other information provided will be verified prior to employment.

McCormack + Kristel works only with equal opportunity employers.  People of color, people with disabilities and people of diverse sexual orientations, gender expressions and identities are encouraged to apply.

The Claremont Colleges, Director of Queer Resource Center

The Client

The Claremont Colleges are a nationally renowned consortium of five undergraduate and two graduate schools of higher education located in Claremont, California, a city 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. Unlike other collegiate consortia, The Claremont College campuses are adjoining and within walking distance of one another. Put together, the campuses cover roughly a square mile.

Known colloquially to students as the 7C’s or the 5C’s, when referring only to the undergraduate institutions, The Claremont Colleges were founded in 1925 when the all-graduate Claremont University College (now Claremont Graduate University) was established in addition to the older all-undergraduate Pomona College. The purpose of the consortium is to provide the specialization, flexibility and personal attention commonly found in a small college, with the resources of a large university. Their compartmentalized collegiate university design was inspired by Oxford University and Cambridge University. With more than 6,500 students, and approximately 3,150 faculty and staff, the colleges offer more than 2,000 courses to students. The Claremont Colleges are a unique consortium that the Fiske Guide to Colleges called “a collection of intellectual resources unmatched in America.”

The five undergraduate colleges are:

  • Pomona College (founded 1887), a small, coeducational, liberal arts college that offers majors in humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Pomona College is the founding member of the Claremont Colleges. It has approximately 1,700 students enrolled as undergraduates.
  • Scripps College (founded 1926), a small, liberal arts, women’s college, with a current enrollment of nearly 1,039, offers 65 majors in both the sciences and humanities.
  • Claremont McKenna College(founded 1946), a 1,300-student coeducational, liberal arts college with majors in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities, with an emphasis in economics and government.
  • Harvey Mudd College(founded 1955), with over 800 students, is a coeducational college specializing in the physical and biological sciences, engineering, mathematics, and computer science while integrating substantive coursework in the humanities, social sciences, and the arts.
  • Pitzer College (founded 1963), a small, coeducational, liberal arts college offering an alternative curriculum, noted for interdisciplinary studies. It also has a particular emphasis upon social justice and social responsibility.  It enrolls 1,062 students.

The two graduate universities are:

  • Claremont Graduate University (founded 1925), awards master’s and doctoral degrees in 31 disciplines: arts, humanities, social sciences, behavioral & organizational sciences, management/executive management, psychology, educational studies, religion, mathematical sciences, information systems & technology, community & global health, and botany with an enrollment of just over 2,200 students.
  • Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences (founded 1997), offers innovative postgraduate degrees and certificates that integrate life and health sciences, business, pharmacy, and genetics. With an entrepreneurial approach and industry connections, KGI provides pathways for students to become leaders in bioscience and healthcare. KGI has a total enrollment of 560 students and consists of three schools: School of Applied Life Sciences, School of Pharmacy, and the Minerva Schools at KGI.
  • In addition The Claremont University Consortium (CUC) provides shared services for the colleges. Originally established in 1925 as part of Claremont University Center, in July 2000, CUC incorporated as a freestanding tax-exempt organization with a chief executive officer and 350 full-time employees.

The Queer Resource Center (QRC), located on the Pomona Campus, serves all sexual orientations and genders, as well as allies among students, faculty and staff on the seven campuses of the Claremont University Consortium. The QRC sponsors a variety of events each semester, including social, educational, and political programs, and aims to provide a safe, inclusive space for all at The Claremont Colleges. Pomona College serves as the lead College overseeing the QRC. The QRC has a 2017-18 operating budget of $350,000, two full-time staff, a half-time graduate student worker and 12-15 part-time undergraduate support staff.

History of the QRC

Queer relationships were either clandestine or isolated until the 1970’s when an informal group of students began meeting at the Monsour Counseling Center. The group called themselves the Gay Student Union (GSU). Between 1981 and 1982, the Gay student Union changed its name to the Lesbian & Gay Student Union (LGSU). In 1983, the LGSU wrote and self-published a periodical called “The Lavender Letters.” In 1993, the Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Resource Center (LGBRC) opened in Walker Lounge at Pomona College. In October 1995, it officially changed its name to the Queer Resource Center.

In 2001, the QRC began the Queer, Questioning & Allied Mentor Program (QQAMP) that pairs mentors and mentees to provide support and guidance for its clients. In 2006, the QRC moved to its present location in Walton Commons at Pomona College. In 2010, the Student Deans of the Claremont Colleges agreed to hire a full-time coordinator for the 2010-2011 year. In the spring of 2011, the Presidents’ Council of the Claremont Colleges agreed to extend the QRC into a formally funded seven-college Queer Resource Center with funding for two full-time positions.

The QRC is one of several shared student services that are open to all students across The Claremont Colleges, The QRC is structured as “lead college” service, which means that Pomona College oversees the QRC, and that the QRC staff are Pomona College staff.  Other shared student life resources are part of The Claremont Colleges/Consortium’s services, Each operates as an important resource for all five undergraduate colleges and the two graduate schools, and dedicated to physical, mental and spiritual health, social equity and justice as they apply to student life.  Other shared resources  include:

OBSA – Office of Black Student Affairs — a cultural center and service unit within the Claremont University Consortium, OBSA is dedicated to providing support, resources and space for students of African descent to feel safe, valued, informed and connected.

CLSA – Chicano Latino Student Affairs – provides programs and services that enhance the academic success and personal development of Chicano/Latinx students at the Claremont Colleges.

Asian American Advisory Board — established in 2003, the Ad Board helps bring together Asian Pacific American students from across the campuses.  The Ad Board is hosted by the Asian American Resource Center on Pomona’s campus.

Chaplains – provide programs aimed at improving the spiritual, ethical and social aspects of life at the Claremont Colleges.

Health Education Outreach (HEO)– offers programs and workshops on a variety of health topics

EmPOWER Center – prevention, advocacy, and support resources related to sexual violence, harassment, dating/domestic violence and stalking.  It is located on Scripps’s campus; Scripps serves as the lead college for the EmPOWER Center.

Student Disability Resource Center – the centralized resource center for support for students with disabilities.

International Place (I-Place) – a center for cultural exchange and international educational programming, as   well as a resource center for international students and scholars. It is located on Claremont McKenna’s campus; CMC serves as the lead college for I-Place.

Monsour Counseling & Psychological Services (MCAPS).

Student Health Services (SHS).  SHS is committed to promoting the physical health and wellness of all students at The Claremont College.

The Position

The Director of the Queer Resource Center reports to the Senior Associate Dean of Students for Pomona College and provides leadership and vision for what the QRC will offer in terms of support resources for students, faculty, and staff of all sexual orientations and genders at the seven Claremont College institutions. This includes educational programming, co-curricular learning opportunities, and other programs. The Director of the QRC works with students to help ensure their personal success; supports QRC student staff in their mentoring roles on campus; and oversees professional, support and student staff, including an assistant director, , a graduate student staff, and undergraduate staff members, as well as oversight for QQAMP (Queer, Questioning, Allied Peer Mentoring Program). The Director also works closely with the staff and leadership of the Student Affairs services at the Claremont University Consortium, as well as with the Deans and their staff at each of the five undergraduate Claremont Colleges and the two graduate institutions to provide expert consultation, and helps ensure coordination and collaboration across the Claremont Colleges.

Specifically, the Director of the Queer Resource Center will be responsible for the following:

Policy & Programs

  • Research, identify and implement best practices relative to inclusive excellence and demonstrate an excellent command of contemporary social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion concepts and issues as they pertain to student life.
  • Advise student programming.
  • Provide informal counseling related to LGBTQ+ issues, including coming out to friends and family and dealing with homophobia, transphobia and more, both external and internal to college life.
  • Provide crisis intervention and referrals for students from across the Claremont Colleges as requested by the College vice presidents/deans of students, and as appropriate;
  • Counsel students on a one-on-one basis on both academic and personal issues.
  • Provide expert consultation for LGBTQ+ issues at the Claremont Colleges from prospective students, current students, family members, staff, faculty and community members.
  • Take lead role in Queer Faculty and Staff Mentor Programs
  • Develop and present training sessions on LGBTQ+ issues for student leaders, staff, and faculty at the Claremont Colleges.
  • Direct the annual Lavender Graduation celebration.

Management & Administration

  • Hire, train and supervise the Assistant Director, the graduate student advisor who works with the QRC staff, QQAMP Mentors and the Resource Center.
  • Facilitate weekly staff meetings/in-service trainings and the biannual staff retreat.
  • Develop, manage, and plan the QRC budget; responsible for managing the QRC budget
  • Maintain QRC’s website as a seven-college resource of The Claremont Colleges.
  • Compile and maintain alumni database; collaborate with alumni to provide opportunities for interactions between alumni and current students.

Coalition Building & Collaboration

  • Attend the Pomona College on-call committee meetings, and serve on behavioral intervention teams related to specific students as appropriate;
  • Act as a point of contact for off-campus organizations and community members; provide students, faculty and staff with links to local, state, and national queer, allied and related organizations; develop and maintain a network of referral sources.
  • Form and strengthen existing alliances with other offices and organizations.
  • Facilitate student involvement in off-campus organizations.
  • Act as liaison to faculty and administration to improve students’ academic and on-campus experiences.
  • Meet regularly with the other student affairs directors of the CUC student services (as organized by the Vice President for Student Services at CUC), as well as set up periodic meetings and communications with the vice presidents for student affairs/student deans of the other Claremont College institutions.
  • Other related duties as assigned.

Professional Requirements

Our client is seeking an LGBTQ leader with a minimum of five years’ experience managing a client serving organization of comparable size or larger, ideally in a campus environment.  Other profiles might include leaders of community-based organizations serving LGBTQ youth or adults. The successful candidate will have experience with program development, budget management and community and external relations.  Building and nurturing coalitions and collaborative initiatives with other community and social justice organizations is important. Experience with new media outreach to constituents through social networking, blogging, e-messaging and e-solicitation is an essential skill set.

A Master’s degree in a relevant field or the equivalent work experience, preferably in an academic institution, is strongly preferred.

Personal Characteristics

The ideal candidate will be a mature and authentic leader with a strong moral compass and a demonstrated dedication to serving some of the most disenfranchised members of the community, many of whom are coming to terms with their own sexuality and/or gender expression. Excellent listening skills, a sophisticated and empathetic understanding of intersectionality and a genuine passion for social justice and compassion for those in need are required for success.

The Director must be an outstanding communicator and an experienced and effective public speaker, able to communicate and champion the QRC’s mission and programs with sincerity, persuasion and passion. The successful candidate will build productive relationships with students, staff and academic community contacts. Leadership ability and a collaborative management style that values and celebrates teamwork are required.  The skills needed to plan, organize and coordinate work to meet deadlines and accommodate changing priorities are essential.


Pomona College is offering a competitive compensation for this position with a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, dental, vision, life, long-term disability, short-term disability, FSA, tax deferred retirement investment, life insurance and paid leave.


This position is an opportunity to build a robust and successful resource center for the LGBTQ community on the campus of one of the country’s most prestigious liberal arts institutions. Growth in income and responsibility are directly related to the growth and success of the QRC under the Director’s leadership.  Moreover this offers a qualified candidate a chance to lead an organization of significant humanitarian and social merit with the potential to have a positive impact on the lives of young and promising students


To apply, please click on the following link to submit your application: and send a résumé and cover letter via e-mail to:

Joseph McCormack, Managing Partner

Michelle Kristel, Partner

McCormack + Kristel

1775 E. Palm Canyon Drive

Suite 110-202

Palm Springs, CA 92264

Phone    323.549.9200

Fax:         323.549.9222



All inquiries or referrals will be held in strict confidence.

Please note that your education, dates of employment, compensation and other information provided will be verified prior to employment.

McCormack + Kristel works only with equal opportunity employers.  People of color, people with disabilities and people of diverse sexual orientations, gender expressions and identities are encouraged to apply. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Chief Health Services Officer, Los Angeles LGBT Center


Since 1969 the Los Angeles LGBT Center has cared for, championed, and celebrated LGBT individuals and families in Los Angeles and beyond.

Today the Center’s more than 600 employees provide services for more LGBT people than any other organization in the world, offering programs, services, and global advocacy that span four broad categories: Health, Social Services and Housing, Culture and Education, Leadership and Advocacy.

As the nation’s largest and most experienced provider of LGBT medical and mental health services, the Los Angeles LGBT Center helps LGBT people lead healthier, happier lives by keeping their minds and bodies well. All services are free or low cost.

The Center is one of the few Federally Qualified Health Centers in the nation with providers who specialize in primary care for LGBT people and with a research team working to advance the care and treatment of people in the LGBT community. In 2016, there were more than 20,000 client visits to the health center.

The Center’s Department of Health and Mental Health Services includes the following programs:

HIV/AIDS Specialty Care

Since the earliest days of the epidemic, the Center has been providing leading-edge medical care for people living with HIV/AIDS. Today, 87% of the people living with HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles are gay or bisexual men and the demand for care is tremendous.

Through its Jeffrey Goodman Special Care Clinic, the Center provides a holistic approach to treatment and helps clients with all aspects of managing their life with HIV, including case management, counseling and nutrition. No organization offers a wider and more comprehensive range of services for people living with HIV. In 2016, the Jeffrey Goodman Special Care Clinic provided treatment for more than 2,800 people living with HIV/AIDS.

Primary Medical Care

The Center’s medical providers are experts at caring for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and understand the issues that disproportionately affect the LGBT community. Specialty practices include the Transgender Health Program and Audre Lorde Health Program for Lesbian and Bi Women. Clients can always talk candidly and comfortably with Center providers, knowing they’re receiving state-of-the-art care regardless of their ability to pay.

Transgender Health Program

In addition to a full range of primary care services, our warm and welcoming Transgender Health Program offers hormone therapy, including education and management, pre- and post-surgical care, and Trans-sensitive pap smears, pelvic exams and prostate exams.

Audre Lorde Lesbian Health Program

We offer the full range of primary medical care services by staff who are your partners in leading healthier and happier lives.

HIV/STD Testing and Prevention

One out of eight people who are HIV-positive and living in the U.S. don’t know it. The Center is working to lower that percentage by offering free HIV/STD testing in Hollywood and in West Hollywood. Those who test positive for any infections can quickly get access to the Center’s world-class specialty care and support services.

The Center also works in tandem with clinic staff to prevent new infections through social events popular with young gay and bisexual African-Americans and Latinos, innovative and educational digital initiatives targeting those most at risk, outreach in bars and nightclubs, and free condom distribution in venues popular with gay and bisexual men. In 2016, the Center’s testing and treatment program had nearly 32,000 client visits.

Mental Health Services

For people dealing with any issue that feels beyond their control, including depression, anxiety, and relationships issues, the Center offers counseling for individuals, couples and families. The Center also offers psychiatric care, a wide variety of specialized counseling and therapy groups, and coming out support groups. For graduate students in all of the mental health related professions the Center operates a renowned clinical training program.

Violence Prevention & Survivor Support

The Center’s renowned STOP Intimate Partner Violence Program, honored by the National Crime Prevention Council, offers individual and group counseling for people who are victims of family violence and other crimes, a court-approved program for perpetrators of family violence, and a broad array of violence prevention services.

Addiction Recovery Services

The Center offers many programs to combat substance abuse, including individual and group therapy, the convenience and anonymity of online chats with therapists, and a renowned outpatient program for those who want to stop using crystal methamphetamine and other substances. If drugs and alcohol are becoming a problem in someone’s life, or in the life of someone close to them, the Center offers affordable services to help, as well as hosting a variety of 12-step groups.


The Center’s clinical research program conducts studies and clinical trials that are focused on improving the health and well-being of LGBT communities locally and globally. This work contributes directly to scientific knowledge about the prevention, intervention and treatment of HIV and sexually transmitted infections and is funded by private industry, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, National Institutes of Health, and others. The Center also collaborates with academic institutions such as UCLA, USC, and UCSF. The Center’s HIV research is aligned with the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, focusing on intervening at every stage of HIV infection: testing high risk populations, linking newly diagnosed people to HIV care, retaining them in care, starting them on HIV medications as soon as possible, supporting and increasing adherence to their antiretroviral medications, and ultimately reducing their HIV viral load to undetectable levels. This comprehensive approach is a complex but promising strategy for reducing “community viral load” and ultimately ending HIV/AIDS as an epidemic in the U.S.


The Center’s pharmacy staff specializes in caring for LGBT people and their health needs and are experts in HIV/AIDS treatment. Clients can count on the Center’s pharmacy staff to provide warm, personalized and prompt services, including free mail order delivery of prescriptions. In 2016, the Center’s pharmacy filled more than 158,000 prescriptions.

The Anita May Rosenstein Campus: The Los Angeles LGBT Center has raised $40 million to build the Anita May Rosenstein Campus. Scheduled to open in early 2019, the revolutionary new campus will include affordable housing for low-income seniors and beds for young adults, a Senior Services Center, a Youth Center, a commercial kitchen to feed homeless youth and seniors, retail space, and much more.

When finished, the new building will form a campus with the Center’s arts, educational and cultural facility – known as The Village at Ed Gould Plaza – and span more than one city block.  It will also become the Center’s new headquarters, facilitating a major expansion of medical services at the current headquarters in the McDonald Wright Building on Schrader Boulevard.


The Chief Health Services Officer will provide inspiring and effective leadership to the Health & Mental Health Services (HMHS) Department while administering, directing, and coordinating all activities of the department toward the fulfillment of the Center’s values, mission, strategy, and the achievement of its annual goals and objectives. Reporting to the Chief of Staff, the CHSO will lead a staff of 260, manage an $86 million-dollar annual budget, and develop strategies for enhancing services and managing growth. Core responsibilities include:


  • Serve on the Senior Management team;
  • Report to the Board of Directors and represent HMHS at Board functions;
  • Ensure the timely and effective resolution of a complex range of issues affecting clients and staff in multiple programs, divisions and departments;
  • Recruit, develop, mentor and coach staff, and inspire and motivate individual and team performance;
  • Collaborate with other Center departments to maximize services to clients and the community.

Administration and Operations 

  • In conjunction with the Center’s Finance department and program directors, plan budgets and proactively create systems to help track, identify and resolve issues affecting revenue streams and sustainability of service provision;
  • Ensure that business functions, clinical services and programs comply with statutory and regulatory standards; grant and payer requirements; audit specifications; and program reporting benchmarks;
  • Ensure necessary policies and procedures are in place to meet required standards of compliance, quality assurance and risk management in the administration of all patient services, medical treatments, and department activities.


  • Manage all aspects of federal grants including maintaining an up-to-date and thorough knowledge of operational standards and requirements for FQHC, HRSA, Ryan White, and CDC;
  • Responsible for creating new sustainable funding opportunities in support of the Center’s strategic plan.

Communications and Outreach 

  • In collaboration with the Marketing and Communications Department, and Chief Medical Officer, serve as a public media spokesperson on all health-related issues;
  • Participate in local, state and national advocacy efforts that support HIV and LGBT service organizations and community health centers;
  • Represent the Center at policy gatherings, conferences, and local political fundraising functions;
  • As a Center Ambassador, help expand the passion for the Center’s mission and grow the Center family ensuring an expansion of awareness about the Center’s programs and services to all parts of the LGBTQ community.


The Center is seeking a strategic leader to manage the growth of the Center’s world-renowned Health & Mental Health Services Department. The ideal candidate will be adept at handling the administrative challenges of a large, multi-faceted non-profit healthcare organization with numerous revenue streams. The successful candidate should have the following:

  • Ten years of progressive administrative experience in a medical, health care, and/or public health environment;
  • Direct administrative experience with FQHC’s or FQHC Look-Alikes;
  • Expert knowledge of and experience with the implementation and integration of several significant programs such as: primary health care; HIV and STI prevention and treatment services; behavioral health including substance abuse treatment; pharmaceutical services; and research;
  • Experience in contract negotiations with IPA’s and with insurance carriers;
  • Proven track record supervising, coaching, counseling, motivating, and evaluating staff;
  • Extensive experience managing multiple priorities;
  • Well-established track record in dealing with all the financial aspects of a complex healthcare organization including financial planning, budgeting, revenue cycle management, managed-care contracts and government grants;
  • Strong working knowledge of the principles of health promotion, disease prevention and overall public health.


We are seeking a seasoned healthcare professional with a passion for the Center’s work and its mission to make the world a better place for LGBT people. The Chief Health Services Officer will have:

  • Knowledge of or experience working with the LGBTQ community and familiarity with issues of particular relevance to LGBTQ people;
  • Strong and confident leadership skills, including team building and interpersonal skills;
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills;
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with people of diverse races, ethnicities, nationalities, sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expression, socio-economic backgrounds, religions, ages, English-speaking abilities, immigration statuses, and physical abilities in a multicultural environment.


Our client is offering a competitive salary for this position, along with a comprehensive benefits package, including 403b, health, dental, vision, life and long-term disability.


This is a high profile opportunity for a visionary leader to develop creative solutions to serving the needs of a vibrant and diverse community. The impending move of the Center’s headquarters to the Anita May Rosenstein Campus and the dedication of the McDonald Wright Building for the exclusive use of HMHS afford unprecedented opportunities for expansion into new areas of care.

The Chief Health Services Officer will shape services that are a model for organizations across the country and around the world. At a critical historical moment, s/he will make major contributions to the growth and development of the nation’s oldest and largest organization for LGBT people. The Chief Health Services Officer will have the personal satisfaction of improving health outcomes for the most marginalized members of the LGBT community. Additionally, s/he will be an essential member of a team developing and enhancing lifesaving care and making a significant difference in the community.

The Center is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.


Please submit a brief cover letter and résumé as attachments via e-mail to:

Joseph McCormack, Managing Partner
Michelle Kristel, Partner
McCormack + Kristel
1775 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite 110-202
Palm Springs, CA 92264
Tel  323.549.9200
Fax 323.549.9222

All inquiries or referrals will be held in strict confidence.

Please note that your education, dates of employment, compensation and other information provided will be verified prior to employment.

McCormack + Kristel works only with equal opportunity employers.  People of color, people with disabilities and people of diverse sexual orientations, gender expressions and identities are encouraged to apply.

Vice President of Patient Services, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast


Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast cares passionately about helping women, men and young people lead healthy lives. They believe that when people are truly cared for, they will make their lives, their families – and even the world – better and healthier.

“Care. No matter what.” is who they are and what they do. It’s their promise as a health care provider, educator, and advocate to truly care, no matter who you are, no matter where you live. It expresses their belief that all people deserve high-quality, affordable health care; their resolve to educate and inform people so they can make their own health decisions; and their commitment to fight for women to get the reproductive services they need.

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast seeks a world in which all children are wanted and cared for, all women and men have equal rights and dignity, sexuality is expressed with honesty, equality, and responsibility, and the decision to bear children is private and voluntary.

Opened in 1936, as Houston’s first family planning center, The Maternal Health Center became Planned Parenthood of Houston in 1942. Following expansion into the surrounding communities, in 1979, the affiliate changed its name to Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas. Planned Parenthood of Louisiana, which was established in New Orleans in 1984, expanded to include the Mississippi Delta area with the addition of the Baton Rouge Health Center in 1992. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the two affiliates merged to become Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast (PPGC).

Operating seven health centers in Texas and two in Louisiana, serving clients in 49 counties in Texas and the entire state of Louisiana, PPGC ensures all women, men and teens have access to safe, affordable health care and accurate information.

Headquartered in Houston, governed by a 32-person Board of Directors and operating with 250 employees and a $25 million annual budget, the mission of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast is to ensure the right and ability of all individuals to manage their sexual and reproductive health by providing health services, education and advocacy.


Reporting to the Chief Medical Officer, the Vice President of Patient Services (VP) ensures PPGC is a market leader in reproductive health care throughout the Gulf Coast region. The VP is responsible for leading the clinical operations of the Patient Care department including Family Planning, Surgical Services, Ambulatory Care, and the Call Center. Leading the department and program managers, the VP develops and manages annual budgets, achieves annual goals, assesses results against objectives, and course corrects as necessary. The VP supervises a 100-person staff with the following direct reports:

  • Ambulatory Surgical Center Director
  • Call Center Director
  • Director of Patient Experience
  • Directors of Health Centers (3)

Essential duties and responsibilities include the following:

Patient Satisfaction

In support of PPGC’s commitment to protecting and promoting the rights of all patients and clients and to providing care and services that support physical well-being and quality of life, the VP will:

  • Collaborate with Patient Care staff to ensure optimal patient experiences throughout all PPGC health centers.
  • Ensure exemplary and consistent customer-focused care in all health care delivery.
  • Maintain consistent evaluation of customer feedback and collaborates with the Director of Patient Experience to implement activities to enhance the customer experience.
  • Create a culture of efficiency and excellence that increases patient cycle time and reduces client wait periods.
  • Ensure a culture that embraces diversity, fair and respectful treatment of all persons, and customer-focused delivery throughout the organization.

Business and Operations

With the goals of increasing efficiencies and enhancing revenue, the VP will regularly assess operating results of programs against established objectives; evaluate general economic, business, and financial conditions and their impact on clinical operations, and identify solutions where problems exist. The VP will:

  • Evaluate the results of overall health center operations regularly and systematically and report these results through internal Dashboard reports and other industry standard metrics (RVUs, HEDIS, etc.).
  • Coordinate with Patient Care staff and the organization’s revenue cycle department to ensure that clinical and administrative functions are in place to adequately document and collect patient service revenue.
  • Evaluate opportunities for efficiencies, centralization, and standardization within clinical operations with resulting implementation of efforts to promote such goals followed by regular assessment and re-tooling for maximum impact.
  • Coordinate efforts with the Revenue Cycle Manager to seek opportunities for new third party payer contracts and to evaluate/renegotiate existing contracts.
  • Work with the Medical Services team to lead and manage health center and service expansion, enhancement, relocation, and development plans.
  • Negotiate and execute contracts with physicians, independent contractors, and other healthcare providers.

Strategic Leadership and Management

Working closely with the Executive and Management Teams to develop and implement strategic and annual plans, the VP will articulate the vision of the department and the affiliate to all clinical operations staff. Additionally, s/he will:

  • Be responsible for strategic expansion, improvement, and synergistic program integration to leverage opportunities offered by prevention-focused provisions of commercial and Affordable Care Act insurance plans.
  • Maintain the organizational structure and processes necessary to manage the organization’s current activities and its projected growth. Influence organizational change and efficiency as necessary to facilitate strategic initiatives and planned growth.
  • Collaborate with the Director of Training and Development to ensure staff training programs are designed and implemented to equip Patient Care employees with the knowledge necessary to perform their jobs effectively, efficiently and safely, to ensure adequate management development, and to provide for capable management succession.
  • Partner with Human Resources to promote creative and effective staff recruitment and retention activities to ensure that the organization is attracting and retaining motivated, energetic, dedicated staff at all levels within the Patient Care division.
  • Actively participate in Leadership Team and Patient Care meetings.
  • Promote, champion and facilitate integration, collaboration and teamwork between all departments throughout the organization to advance overall plans and initiatives.

Regulatory and Compliance

The VP will ensure that all organization activities and operations are carried out in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations, including:

  • Ensure affiliate compliance with accrediting, licensing, and regulatory bodies including, but not limited to: PPFA, TDSHS, LDHH, HHSC, CLIA, OSHA, State Boards of Pharmacy, Medical Examiners, and Nurse Examiners.
  • Serve as a member of affiliate quality and risk management and compliance committees.

Community, Affiliate and Industry Outreach and Partnerships

  • Represents Clinical Operations to internal and external constituencies, including service on PPGC and other agencies’ committees and work teams.
  • Ensures ongoing collaboration and networking with appropriate community partners, other health care providers/entities in the service area to promote PPGC as an essential community provider and to establish referral relationships.
  • Work with affiliate executive and management teams to develop and implement affiliate-wide policies and procedures.


To perform this job successfully, an individual must have a deep understanding of clinical operations and a track record of success in increasing efficiencies and improving patient experience. The ideal candidate will have:

  • At least 5 – 7 years of senior leadership experience in a reproductive or other health care facility;
  • Experience managing significant financial and budgetary responsibilities;
  • Experience managing a large staff of clinical and non-clinical employees;
  • Experience with quality assurance and risk management, and a commitment to operational excellence;
  • Experience managing culture change and leading shifts in organizational dynamics;
  • Knowledge of accrediting, licensing and regulatory requirements to ensure compliance with local and state (Texas and Louisiana) as well as federal laws;
  • Experience in commercial insurance and billing systems;
  • A Bachelor’s Degree is required. A Master’s Degree in health care administration or similar discipline is preferred.


The ideal candidate will exhibit strong leadership, analytical and project management capabilities. S/he will possess business acumen and formidable problem-solving and interpersonal skills. The VP will have strong oral and written communication skills and will uphold the highest standards of quality, professionalism and customer service.

The ability to manage, motivate and inspire a team of professionals to deliver high-quality health care is essential. The successful candidate will be strategic, entrepreneurial and driven to lead PPGC through the shifting health care landscape. The VP must be ardently pro-choice and assiduously supportive of Planned Parenthood’s mission.


Our client is offering a highly competitive compensation package for this position with a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, dental, vision, life, long-term disability, FSA, 401(k) savings with employer match and generous paid leave.  Basic relocation expenses may be considered for the exceptional individual they are seeking.


With women’s reproductive health decisions under continual assault by conservative leaders and politicians nationally, there has never been a time when the work of Planned Parenthood has been more critical for those who may not have other access to healthcare in their communities. In addition to providing cancer screenings, pregnancy counseling and the termination of unwanted pregnancies, Planned Parenthood also offers educational programs that enhance the understanding of the individual and societal implications of human sexuality.  This position is an opportunity to support these vital services and to contribute to a healthier and more responsible society.


HOUSTON – The City with No Limits

Where else could you eat at a different restaurant every day for 23½ years and not visit the same restaurant twice? Houston is the Culture and Culinary Capital of Texas with more than 600 bars and 8,600 restaurants and eating establishments serving more than 60 cuisines.

Where else could you enjoy three museums or performing arts companies per week without repeating? Houston is home to 83 museums and cultural sites and 79 performing arts companies and one of the few U.S. cities to offer world class, year-round resident companies in all of the major performing arts – symphony, opera, drama and ballet.

In the nation’s fourth largest city, you can savor all of this plus explore miles of scenic green space in two of the 10 largest urban parks in the U.S.; ride along downtown’s interconnected bikeway network; enjoy outdoor concerts, farmer’s markets and festivals; or drive less than an hour to swim in the Gulf of Mexico.

Houston’s myriad neighborhoods offer something for every age and stage of life. Best of all, when compared to the 20 most populous metropolitan areas, Houston ranks third lowest in overall cost of living and its housing costs are 36.6 percent below average. With no state tax and affordable housing, Houston’s overall after-taxes living costs are 5.6 percent below the average for all U.S. urban areas.

No wonder, for the fifth consecutive year, Houston ranked first as “Top Destination City” for U-Haul rentals.


Please submit a brief cover letter and résumé as attachments via e-mail to:

Joseph McCormack, Managing Partner

Michelle Kristel, Partner


1775 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite 110-202

Palm Springs, CA 92264

Tel  323.549.9200

Fax 323.549.9222



All inquiries or referrals will be held in strict confidence.

Please note that your education, dates of employment, compensation and other information provided will be verified prior to employment. 

McCormack+Kristel works only with equal opportunity employers.  People of color, people with disabilities and people of diverse sexual orientations, gender expressions and identities are encouraged to apply. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.