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Chief Executive Officer, Bailey House


Founded in 1983 by a coalition of compassionate community leaders responding to the AIDS crisis, Bailey House is a community-based organization with a 34-year history of providing housing and essential supportive services to individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses. With a demonstrated track record of success in improving the health, housing and independent living outcomes for people struggling with homelessness, substance use, mental illness and the health challenges that accompany chronic illnesses, Bailey House is a leader in its field.

Since its establishment, Bailey House has been on the forefront of creating innovative supportive housing and care coordination models for economically compromised people living with HIV/AIDS and other chronic health conditions. Bailey House has made connecting clients to care a cornerstone of its services, resulting in an integration of health-related care with community support that empowers clients to make educated choices about their health and well-being. To achieve its mission of helping to transform the lives of people with or at risk of HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses through housing, health services and community, Bailey House’s goals in serving clients, regardless of HIV status, are closely aligned with the National HIV/AIDS Strategy and incorporate increasing access to care, improving health outcomes and reducing health disparities and inequities.

Bailey House’s strategic vision for wraparound care has resulted in over 30 programs serving roughly 4,000 New Yorkers each year, reaching thousands more through a variety of community outreach efforts. Programs fall into two portfolios – Community Services and Supportive Housing. The Community Services division includes a variety of programs designed to support clients in several areas, ranging from medical case management and care coordination to services and treatments administered through licensed behavioral health and substance use treatment clinics. The Supportive Housing division encompasses scatter-site and congregate permanent supportive housing, emergency housing and access to rental and placement assistance. All Bailey House services are based on the principles of harm reduction and trauma-informed care, which means that staff endeavor to meet people on their own terms. Every client engagement is approached through a compassionate lens with the understanding that everyone has potentially experienced trauma in their past.

Bailey House’s client population is incredibly diverse. Historically, target populations included HIV-positive men, women and youth, including LGBTQ homeless youth, low-income adults and families living with HIV/AIDS and formerly incarcerated individuals living with HIV/AIDS. As Bailey House has expanded both its housing models and community service programs, their client population has grown to include increasingly more people who are HIV-negative or whose status is unknown but are at risk for poor health outcomes due to chronic illness, mental illness and substance use. More than 60% of their clients are African American and about 30% are Latino. More than half are dually or triply diagnosed with a chronic illness (including but not limited to: HIV/AIDS, diabetes, heart disease, asthma and cancer) in addition to mental illness and/or substance use. Approximately 30% have a history of incarceration.

Many Bailey House clients come from neighborhoods with higher rates of poverty, HIV incidence and hospitalizations due to substance use and mental illness than overall rates for New York City. All Bailey House clients live below the poverty line.


Reporting to a 13-person Board of Directors, Bailey House’s Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for managing an annual budget in excess of $18 million and leading the organization’s 110 staff. The CEO will partner with the Board to define the organization’s strategic goals, will build on its foundation of fiscal stability, and serve as the organization’s spokesperson.  Core responsibilities include:

Strategy and Vision

  • Engage the Board, staff, and external stakeholders as appropriate to define strategic options for driving the organization’s long-term sustainability;
  • Analyze and present strategic options to the Board; Refine and finalize the strategic plan; Build consensus necessary to adopt the plan;
  • Oversee the plan’s implementation, ensuring necessary funds, staff, and infrastructure are available to realize the plan’s goals;
  • Communicate the strategy, its outcomes, impact, and goals to the media and the organization’s staff, funders, constituents and partners.

Finance and Administration

  • Develop the annual budget, ensuring the allocation of resources in accordance with grants and contracts;
  • Bring an informed understanding of block grants, and Medicaid/MCO and value-based payments to oversight of the organization’s program development and fiscal management functions;
  • Evaluate the organization’s current model of outsourced financial operations;
  • Ensure proper fiscal accounting and controls, as well as legal and regulatory compliance;
  • Ensure that the organization has the financial and human resources necessary to meet grant and contract deliverables and implement strategic and operational goals;
  • Motivate and support staff to advance the organization’s mission;
  • Oversee and strengthen the organizational systems and structures to support and sustain growth.

Board Relations

  • Engage with the Board of Directors to develop a new strategic plan;
  • Support the Board of Directors to refine and update the organization’s by-laws;
  • Participate as an active member of the Board’s working committees and in the Board recruitment and training process;
  • Serve as a resource, catalyst and coach to the Board, providing the training resources necessary to enable them to achieve their full potential as a governing body.


  • Guide the overall fundraising strategy including managing significant institutional and individual donor relationships;
  • Work closely with the Board of Directors to identify, solicit and acquire new sources of funding, to encourage board giving and to build long-term, sustainable sources of income for the organization;
  • Act as the organization’s primary spokesperson with elected officials and influencers in government agencies and funding communities;
  • Understand the complex and rapidly changing funding streams in the healthcare and housing sectors to maximize current opportunities and anticipate emerging issues.

Program Oversight

  • Ensure existing and potential new programs advance Bailey House’s mission, are financially sustainable, adequately staffed, advance the organization’s commitment to value-based programming, and adhere to issue area best practices;
  • Oversee the organization’s advocacy and lobbying efforts, ensuring policy priorities are aligned with the organization’s mission and strategic collaborations are leveraged;
  • Maintain a prudent balance of resources between political work, and community outreach and education.

Communications/Community Relations

  • Serve as the organization’s liaison and spokesperson to the public, government funders, the media and other constituents and allies;
  • Build and nurture coalitions and collaborative initiatives with other healthcare, housing and social service agencies;
  • Promote Bailey House’s public presence, premier brand, and identity as a leader in providing programs and services for New York City’s most marginalized and at-risk residents.

Professional Requirements

Bailey House is seeking an entrepreneurial executive with healthcare and housing expertise. The successful candidate will have a deep understanding of the impact of healthcare reform on government and Medicaid funded programs, and the business acumen to assess strategies for leading Bailey House through a complex and competitive landscape. The CEO will understand the changing landscape of supportive housing developments in New York City and will draw on his/her knowledge of emerging financing models to expand the organization’s reach. The new CEO will be an accomplished public speaker who can effectively engage a variety of audiences and represent the organization across all media. The successful candidate should have the following:

  • At least 10 years of executive leadership experience, preferably with a healthcare, housing or social services agency;
  • Experience developing collaborative relationships, crafting MOU’s, negotiating strategic partnerships, and/or executing affiliation agreements;
  • Knowledge of public policy issues and best practices for nonprofits providing services for marginalized, at risk, and health compromised communities impacted by racial, economic, and LGBT justice issues;
  • Established relationships with public and private funders in the areas of health and human services; including, ideally, relationships with influencers in NYC government, and local peer agencies;
  • Knowledge of supportive housing and community-based care coordination programming for mentally ill and/or chemically addicted, formerly incarcerated, food insecure, chronically ill individuals is preferred;
  • Experience leading staff who are interfacing with and advocating for highly compromised clients;
  • An understanding of the components required to successfully develop and manage integrated care and evidence-based programs and services;
  • A track record of success cultivating, stewarding and soliciting public and private funds;
  • Prior experience managing complex nonprofit budgets and P&L’s of $10 million or greater;
  • An understanding of Board governance, organizational development and nonprofit best practices;
  • Exceptional written and verbal communications skills including public speaking and media experience;
  • Knowledge of marketing and communications strategies used to build brand awareness, increase organizational visibility and deliver effective messaging;
  • Bachelor’s degree required. Advanced degree in related a related field, i.e. M.P.H., M.P.A., M.B.A., J.D., or equivalent professional experience preferred.

Personal Characteristics

Our client is seeking a critical thinker with exceptional interpersonal skills. They will be driven to build partnerships and develop strategies to increase Bailey House’s impact and ensure the sustainability of its programs. The new CEO of Bailey House will believe that housing and healthcare are human rights. S/he will be committed to transforming the lives of people with or at risk of HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses through housing health services and community support. The ideal candidate will have:

  • A strategic approach to leadership with a willingness to put aside personal biases to make decisions in best interest of the organization;
  • A strong desire to serve, to put the needs of others first, to develop teams to perform as highly as possible, and to build a better organization;
  • A passion for serving marginalized, at risk, and health compromised communities impacted by racial, economic, and LGBT justice issues;
  • A respect for the history of Bailey House and it’s role in the history of HIV/AIDS epidemic;
  • Strong relationship-building skills including a track record of success in fostering collaboration and strengthening networks;
  • An approachable, collaborative and transparent leadership style;
  • A vision for Bailey House’s growth and sustainability, and a commitment to serving the underserved.


Our client is offering a competitive compensation package for this position commensurate with the accomplished leader they wish to attract. Bailey House’s comprehensive and flexible benefits program and generous vacation and paid leave policies reflect the organization’s belief that care is most effective when provided by staff who are afforded the policies and benefits to practice self-care.

Basic relocation expenses may be considered for the exceptional individual they are seeking.


For more than thirty years, Bailey House has been at the forefront of providing housing and essential services for health compromised communities. Their holistic approach, based on harm-reduction and trauma-informed care, has resulted in a track record of success in improving health outcomes for New York City’s most compromised residents. With model programs and services, and passionately dedicated board and staff, Bailey House is one of the country’s premier housing and healthcare organizations. This is an extraordinary opportunity for a visionary leader to build on Bailey House’s strong reputation and solid foundation to take this pioneering organization to its next phase of growth and impact.


The Bailey House administrative offices are located on Park Avenue in Manhattan’s East Harlem neighborhood. On-site supervision is a requirement of this position.


Please submit a brief cover letter and résumé as attachments via e-mail to:

Michelle Kristel, Partner

Joseph A. McCormack, Managing Partner


1775 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite 110-202

Palm Springs, CA 92264


Tel 323 549-9200

Fax 323 549-9222



Please note that your education, dates of employment, compensation and other information provided will be verified prior to an offer.

McCormack + Kristel works only with equal opportunity employers.  People of color, people with disabilities and people of diverse sexual orientations, gender expressions and identities are encouraged to apply.